New ‘Fun Approach to Learn to Swim’ CPD launched

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Swim England Qualifications’ new CPD can help teachers to ‘bring swimmers back for more’.

Officially launched today, the SEQ Fun Approach to Learn to Swim CPD is designed to be informative, fun and engaging for swimming assistants, teachers and coordinators.

The course will enable them to identify the links between the Athlete Development Support Pathway (ADSP) and the Swim England Learn to Swim Framework – highlighting the Fundamental movement skills and Core Aquatics Skills and how they link together.

In addition, attendees will learn how to deliver safe, fun, engaging and progressive activities that link in to the Core Aquatic Skills.

They will also be able to identify methods to introduce fun activities into a learn to swim environment, and appreciate the advantages and disadvantages of using a fun approach.

Young swimmer playing underwater

Some of the first courses on offer will be delivered by Swim England Qualifications Approved Training Centre, Survive & Save Training.

“Teaching lessons using fun and games based activities has been proven to help swimmers learn and perfect their techniques and skills far quicker than traditional methods,” said Sally Baldwin from Survive & Save, which has courses scheduled in north west London in March and July.

“Swimmers will practice more without realising that they are practicing the same skill and this can often engage those that find the traditional practices difficult or challenging to grasp. Having fun whilst learning will surely bring swimmers back for more.

Confidence for teachers

“Using fun and games approach to teaching does not have to be elaborate or complex to implement either.

“Simple challenges and games, songs and rhymes with actions, guided discovery and reciprocal teaching work really well without the need for much more than the equipment already being used. Alternatively, you can do a themed session around a film or event.”

Sally added: “This CPD is designed to give all teachers the confidence to deliver all the core aquatics skills using a range of engaging fun and games based activities. That’s true in all the lessons that they teach from non-swimmers through to the more advanced stage 7 swimmers – and beyond!”

  • Find out more about ‘The Fun Approach to Learn to Swim’ CPD here.