Please find below information that is directed to Learners, but may also assist our Approved Training Centres, Continuous Professional Development program (CPD) Delivery Organisations, Employers and other organisations that may engage with Learners that have completed our qualifications and/or CPD programs.

E-certificates (Initial and Replacement)

Proof of your qualification and/or CPD program is provided by us as an e-certificate. Once we have received your results from your Course Provider (Approved Training Centre and/or CPD Delivery Organisation) we then undertake our own quality assurance activities. Following final approval by us we will then issue your e-certificate to your Course Provider. They will send your e-certificate directly to you. If you have not yet received your e-certificate you should contact your Course Provider in the first instance.

You can request a replacement e-certificate directly to your Course Provider. Alternatively, you can request these directly to us by completing the online form below. Please note that we do not charge for replacement e-certificates.

Validating a Certificate
We do not charge you or any organisation for validating any of the certificates we have previously issued.

e-certificates can be validated by you or any organisation by using the QR code on your e-certificate via a smart phone, tablet or computer that is enabled to recognise QR codes.

If you have achieved a qualification and/or CPD program that has been issued by us since 2013 that doesn’t have a QR code on, the details of your certificate may be able to be validated by contacting us for your unique learner certificate number and then using the link below as validation evidence:

If you achieved a qualification and/or CPD program prior to 2013 we may still be able to validate your achievement. We will always strive to locate historical records, however our archives prior to 2013 are limited and therefore we cannot guarantee this. If you or any organisation wishes to request this type of validation, please contact us with as much information as possible.

Certificate Name Errors

If there is a spelling mistake or typographical error on your certificate, whether this is an e-certificate or hard copy certificate, please contact your course provider in the first instance.

If we have made a spelling mistake or typographical error we will rectify this free of charge, however if the error is because incorrect details were provided to us there may be associated fees that are charged by us to your Course Provider. Under these circumstances we will require your original certificate to be sent back to us by your Course Provider along with any supporting information before we can re-issue any new certificate.

For queries regarding name changes on a certificate that has already been issued by us, please refer to our Learner Name Change Policy that can be found here.

Hard Copy or Hard Copy Replacement Certificates

Certificates for a qualification and/or CPD program issued by us before the 3 February 2022 will have been provided as a hard copy. Replacement certificates for these qualifications and/or CPD programs can only be provided by us as a hard copy. Hard copies of e-certificates from this date onwards can also be provided by us to you. Both of these services will incur a charge to you from us as per the fees table below.

We offer a free hard copy/hard copy replacement certificate service if your certificate has been lost in the post and we are told within six months of the date we issued it.

To request either a hard copy replacement certificate or a hard copy e-certificate simply complete the online form below.

We will always strive to locate historical records, however our archives prior to 2013 are limited, therefore we cannot guarantee that a record can always be found and as such a hard copy replacement certificate issued. If we cannot locate your historical record, we will inform you of this via an email response to your online submission.

If we are able to confirm that a hard copy replacement certificate or hard copy e-certificate can be provided we will send an email response to your online submission to let you know and to confirm that payment can be taken. The email provided will describe how and when to contact us to make a card payment over the phone.

Once we have received payment we will produce your hard copy certificate within 14 calendar days and post it to you. As above, if your hard copy certificate is lost in the post and doesn’t arrive and you let us know within six months, we will send a further hard copy certificate free of charge.

The following fees are per certificate per learner.

Qualification Certificates
Hard Copy Replacement Certificate or Hard Copy Certificate Requests*£20
CPD Program of Learning Certificates
Hard Copy Replacement CPD Certificates or Hard Copy CPD Certificates Requests*£10

*Please note that the above are costs for certificates to be issued within the UK. There may be an additional delivery charge if these certificates are requested to be sent hard copy internationally.